GPS & GARMIN Integration

Garmin Navigation
  • GPS & GARMIN Integration
  • Our fleet-ready navigators offer the interactive navigation and messaging terminal that has been missing in your fleet management interface (FMI).
  • Our fleet management and dispatch messaging interface enables direct-to-driver communication via text messaging as well as instant re-routing with “new destination” message prompts.



  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Event Rule Base Alert
  • Job Dispatch Integration
  • Job Report & History
  • Site Visit Reporting
  • Effective & Efficiencies
  • Messaging
  • Fleet Navigator
  • Instant Re-Routing
  • Two way communication


Garmin GPS solutions are a key part of today’s most useful, versatile and cost-efficient fleet monitoring solutions. With us on your side, drivers and dispatchers work together to improve customer response and optimize fleet resources to achieve lower costs.


Vevehicle receive all job details directly on to their Garmin device extension or Mobile Data Terminal. Job Dispatch integrates with M2Fleet and maps for navigation. So, no time is wasted on going the wrong way